Artist's Statement

                    on current body of work.

          After a long hiatus from the creative process I am dipping a toe back into the water of making things. For now I am working with imagery that I enjoy until I can figure out my new obsession. My artwork has historically centered on whatever is plaguing my mind. For now I am enjoying re-discovering the creative process. Bear with me as I regain my footing.



                    on The Save Henryton Project.


      The Henryton Center, a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in operation until 1985, sits alone and abandoned in the middle of the Patapsco River Valley. It is simply wasting away, swept under Maryland’s rug. The state doesn’t want to pay for its maintenance but they don’t want to sell it—it’s a paradox that they have been caught in for several years. My aim is to save the buildings of the old Henryton Center property and put them to good use once again—housing for artists, complete with studio space and an organic farm on the property. The website for this endeavor,, serves as the home for everything connected with the efforts of rehabilitating the buildings.
     As a start to the project as a whole, I, as the founder of, am holding a call-for-submissions of artwork having to do with or inspired by Henryton. I have produced a body of work that will be hosted on the site along with any other submissions we receive.

     As we begin the process of becoming a legally recognized non-profit organization, we are seeking donations and funding. All sales of the work produced by Ally Hunter-Harris will benefit the organization and help to do the following:

  •     Off-set out-of-pocket printing costs
  •     Fund the hosting of the website
  •     Fund the research project that is based on
  •     Fund the maintenance and hosting of the collaboration website with our soon-to-be sister/Baltimore sattellite organization. The collaborative effort, "Creative Collision" shall be hosted on
  •     And much, much more.

     Any sizeable contributions shall be set aside to help fund the rehabilitation effort when the organization obtains the land and buildings from the state.

     Complete information about the project itself is on

                    Addendum 2013/2014:

          The Henryton Hospital Center has been demolished by the state of Maryland. Unfortunately, the effort to save the buildings and property was ultimately a failure. I am incredibly saddened by the ultimate fate of these historical buildings but moreso by the fact that had it not been for so many vandals and the bureaucratic red tape we may have had more time and been able to save the site. Nonetheless, what's done is done and I am going to step away from Henryton imagery for a while. I may dabble here and there every once in a while but it's time to find a new obsession. Thank you to everyone who tried to help with the project and everyone who believed in the potential of the buildings. With time, the website will be changed to serve as a memorial to the site.