Fun-A-Day Baltimore 2013

Artist's Statement from show:

For Fun-A-Day I gave myself two tasks, one simple and one
not-so-simple: make something--anything--every day, and step outside
of my comfort zone. I tried to work with materials I rarely work with
and I went through my mountain of art supplies to find things that had
been going unused because of my apprehension to try them out, the fear
of failing. I looked through other materials to find things that could
be repurposed as art supplies: an economy-sized box of erasers became
stamp blanks; rubber bands and scrap plywood became printing
materials. I had been wanting to learn about image transfer techniques
so I took this as an opportunity to play with that. What I have chosen
to display are the games, experiments (some failed, some not) and
challenges from the past month.


These pieces were on view at D Center (16 W North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218) From February 9-23, 2013.